Audi delays Q6 e-tron launch until next year

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Audi has officially pushed back the debut of its Q6 e-tron to next year, contrary to initial plans to unveil it in 2023. The German automaker confirmed in a media statement that the electric SUV is now expected to make its first appearance in March 2024.


The PPE has been delayed several times, pushing back highly-anticipated EVs, including the electric Porsche Macan. At a recent Volkswagen board of directors meeting, the automaker revealed plans to delay its 1.2 software, set to power new Porsche and Audi EVs, by another 16-18 weeks.

Audi have started production of the electric motors though. Audi announced “a new chapter in drive production” at its manufacturing site in Győr, Hungary, Tuesday after beginning electric motor production for the new PPE EV platform.

“Győr is predestined for the production of these highly compact and efficient electric motors for the PPE,” stated Audi CEO Gernot Döllner.
The site also builds drive systems for the Audi Q8 e-tron. In addition, a production area is being set up for electric motors to be used in VW Group MEBeco-based vehicles.

Audi has established three new lines to produce electric motors. Around 700 employees are working in three shifts to build up to 2,000 e-motors a day for the upcoming PPE. The site supplies both Porsche and Audi.

Audi Board Member for Production and Logistics Gerd Walker commented on the milestone, saying, “The start of production in Győr marks an important milestone in the ramp-up of production of the Audi Q6 e-tron.”

The new electric motors will be used in the Audi Q6 e-tron. Production of the first PPE-based Audi model is expected to start by the end of the year.

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March 18th???
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