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A number of the motoring press have had an opportunity to drive prototype versions of the Q6, I've rounded up what I can find below:


The Audi Q6 is the epitome of cutting-edge automotive engineering, combining the talents of both Audi and Porsche engineers. Sleek and sophisticated, its aerodynamic contours exude an unmistakable sense of style, while its all-electric powertrain delivers an exhilarating driving experience that is both silent and emission-free. The Q6 boasts an impressive range and rapid charging capabilities, providing the utmost convenience for every journey. Step inside the meticulously crafted interior, and you'll be greeted by a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and opulent materials, creating an ambiance of refined comfort and innovation. Embracing Audi's commitment to sustainability and performance, the Q6 is an automotive masterpiece that effortlessly combines eco-friendliness with luxury, setting new standards in the world of electric vehicles.

It's a similar size to the best-selling Audi Q5 and is said to bring big improvements in performance, range and user-experience compared with Audi’s existing electric cars.

You can view some Audi Q6 Prototype Pictures here.

What Car?:
The Q6 impresses on the move, with its considerable power and four-wheel drive setup making swift progress easy in all conditions. The standard-fit air suspension does a cracking job of getting the car over potholes, speed bumps and other obstacles smoothly and serenely. It feels on a par with the iX3 in terms of comfort, and probably has the edge on the RZ and EQC. ... iew/n25983

Top Gear:
There’s terrific refinement here and even some character, backed up by the promise of an advanced and imaginatively conceived new user interface. The Q e-tron will arrive in the UK early next year, but Audi is clearly on a positive trajectory. ... ype-review

Auto Express:
With its new platform, the Q6 e-tron has taken a big step beyond the Q8 e-tron. We’ll give a full verdict after we’ve driven the finished car and tried the new tech, but the Q6 e-tron shows lots of promise.

Auto Car:
Good things happen when Porsche and Audi collaborate - Ingolstadt ergonomics and Stuttgart firepower generally making for an intoxicating blend of charisma, subtlety, panache and practicality.

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